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Hung window systems

The Single and Double Hung Window System is specially designed for high quality remodeling and new construction projects.

Innovation and design

Their innovative high-end design of exceptional quality is recognized throughout the industry for combining beauty, efficiency, robustness and durability.

  • Optimal ventilation thanks to the upper opening allowing heat to escape and the lower opening allowing fresh air to enter.
  • Inward opening panels for easy maintenance.

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Choose your windows in 5 easy steps

The new Concerto Windows application informs, simplifies and helps to make up your mind with ease.

Make your choices

Frames and sashes

Choice of frames Click to enlarge

  • 5 1/4"

*Photos for illustrative purposes only.

Choice of sashes Click to enlarge

  • Contemporary sash

Glass and decorative grid

Customize your windows Model Configurations

Choose from the opening, glazing, grid and assembly combinations that will enhance your home.
Various choices of special glasses: frosted, tempered, tinted...
Meet with one of our experts.

Glazing options Click to enlarge

  • Double glazing
    Double glazing

    A double-glazed window combines two panes of glass and a film layer Low-E (Argon gas).

  • Triple glazing
    Triple glazing

    A triple-glazed window is a combination of three panes of glass and one or two Low-E films.

*Photos for illustrative purposes only.

Standard and made-to-measure grids and fake mullions Click to enlarge

  • Slimline grids
    1/4" x 5/16"
  • Round pencil grids
    Round pencil
  • Georgian grids
    5/8" or 1"
  • Flat grids
    5/8" or 2"
  • Carrelages fenêtres

Most popular window grids Contact us for more models

  • Window grid pattern
  • Window grid pattern
  • Window grid pattern
  • Window grid pattern
  • Window grid pattern


Equipped with a paint chamber, our plant can produce your windows in a variety of colors to match your decor.

  • Wide choice of colors
  • Increased resistance to moisture and abrasion
  • Guarantee against chipping, blistering, cracking or corrosion
  • Specially designed for vinyl surfaces
  • Maintains its color and shine for many years
  • Meets international standards
  • Custom colors are available on request
Window colors


Concerto Windows -30 Wind Snow Rain

The only windows tested at -30˚C

4500 opening and closing cycles Test descriptions

  • Air infiltration at 20˚C
  • Resistance to water penetration at 20˚C
  • Air infiltration at -30˚C

4500 cycles is equivalent to what?

  • 12 times a day every day
  • 86 times per week
  • 375 times per month
* Equivalence based on one year
Explanation 4500 cycles, scientist

Energy Star

*All our window systems are ENERGY STAR® qualified and have been tested to the structural standards specified in the applicable building codes. They meet and some models even exceed the most stringent standards in the industry.

*Some conditions may apply according to the options selected.


Our windows comply with North American standards

NAFS - North American Fenestration Standard

LEED certifications

Affordable price

Affordable price

One of the best values on the market for performance and savings on energy bills.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR® windows can reduce your home heating bills and help maintain the comfort levels of your house.

Save today for tomorrow
Quality Products

Quality Products

All PVC, Aluminum & PVC (Hybrid) products plus a full range of options: hardware, colors and opening system.

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Among the leaders of the industry

Among the leaders of the industry

Our R&D Team develops and designs the most innovative and energy efficient products available.



Reassurance and comfort in your choice is yours for years to come.

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Sustainable products and Affordable price

Sustainable products and Affordable price

More accessible than ever with exceptional technical features.

Combines durability and easy
maintenance for extended life
span and customer satisfaction.

High energy efficiency reduces
heat loss for years of savings
on your energy bills.

Designed for performance and durability

Designed for
performance and durability

  • Frame rigidity and integrity
  • Temperature distribution controlled
    through structural components
  • Coefficients of thermal expansion
    of materials are suited for harsh
    climate conditions
Energy Star

The economics of energy
efficiency puts the future
in your pocket.

Use our Energy Saver Calculator
and find out for yourself.

Quality Products

Quality Products

With all the options available, how you want to personalize your home is up to you.

User-friendly: the window's 95˚ opening
makes for easy maintenance.

Weather seals: High-quality continuous
compression weather seals on frames and
sashes for maximum air and water tightness.

Secure: even when the window is
open for ventilation, its partial
opening in the upper part of the sash
limits the risk of forced entry and
protects children and adults against
potential accidents and injuries.

Among the leaders of the industry

Among the leaders
of the industry

The choice and purchase of windows can be reassuring
and pleasant experience. Let us prove it to you.

Listening to your needs
Recommendation - Custom Fabrication - Installation
The most innovative and energy efficient products on the marketplace,
fully attuned to your needs as a customer.

The best guarantee of the industry

The best guarantee of the industry

PVC - Glass - Hardware - Installation
Concerto Windows warrants its products against defects in material
or workmanship, and agrees to replace any part deemed defective.

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