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Service & Guarantee

Our customer service is fast, efficient and willing to respond to client needs. It is very important to us to provide the finest quality service to our clientele.

If you purchase your products from one of our distributors, it is of the utmost importance that you contact them in order to inform them of your specifications if any. The distributor will have to complete an offer of service with your order specifications to accelerate the after sales service access.

If you purchase your products directly from Abritek, please keep your sales bill to trace your order in our files and proceed to the service request.

**Abritek must be immediately informed for any damage caused during shipping and handling or of any apparent defaults upon reception of your order to avoid any ambiguity. Furthermore, we must have as much information as possible in order to begin the process of after sales service.

Over time, Abritek has come to distinguish itself as a leader in windows and doors. Our quality line of products responds to an ever demanding need by consumers adaptable to the market needs of today and tomorrow.

All Abritek products are tested, inspected and certified. We are therefore able to offer you a reliable and dependable guaranty.

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