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INOVA Patio Door

The Inova patio door is entirely manufactured in our factory, which ensures a high quality standard thanks to an automated production line.

The Inova's super sturdy design surpasses market performance. Its timeless design and its various options will allow you to adapt it to your project no matter what your style is.

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  • ENERGY STAR® double glass patio door
  • Double point mortise lock and adjustable strike
  • Superior structural strength thanks to a central mullion
  • All PVC and Hybrid version

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Superior performance

  • Welded, coextruded opening sash: optimal insulation and tightness
  • Anodized aluminum sill: increased impact resistance
  • Meets the ENERGY STAR® criteria, Canada certification
  • Energy efficiency (ER) 37, in double glass and 42, in triple glass

Unique Design

  • The fixed section offers maximum visibility
  • Pre-drilled frame for easy installation
  • Clipped PVC cover to conceal frame screws
  • Slim style standard handle

Super Robust & Sustainable

  • Steel reinforcements inserted in the mullion and sash
  • Double point mortise lock
  • Adjustable frame extension
  • 45° extruded aluminum screen


  • PVC or Hybrid
  • Transom
  • Double or triple glass sealed units + Argon Gas
  • 1'' molding with anodized sill extension
  • Interior extension up to 14"
  • Foot lock
  • Key lock
  • Tinted glass
  • Tiling
  • Unlimited choice of colors
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