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Performer Patio Door

The Performer HP patio door is the essence of quality, performance and precision engineering without any compromise.

Smooth, secure, reliable operation featuring energy-efficiency and easy maintenance.

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Dimensions, colors, handles and grids

Excellent durability

  • 5 5/8'' or 7 3/8'' frame made of wood and PVC ensuring exceptional sturdiness
  • Plan stiles and interlocks are steel reinforced
  • Screen door with extruded aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh

Effortless operation

  • Self-lubricating nylon tandem panel rollers provide smooth gliding action
  • Screen with adjustable rollers for an effortless operation without coming off the track

Superior energy efficiency

  • High performance sill design has a 10 degree slope for superior water tightness and drainage
  • Sash panels co-extruded with dual flex PVC surrounding the entire 1'' thick I.G. unit for optimum seal

Low maintenance

  • PVC requires minimal maintenance
  • All exposed aluminum is anodized to prevent corrosion
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